Monday, March 23, 2009

Inspired by Laura!

My bff is so amazingly inspiring. On her blog today, she has a happy list. I'm totally stealing this idea for a post because I've neglected you. So, here it is- things that make me happy this very minute:

* The fact that I get to go (& just found this out!!!) to Yellowstone in May with Laura's family. This is made even more fabulous by the fact that I have plenty of vacation time to spend, and that my wonderful husband (more on him in a minute) is ok about me leaving for a week (even though I'll miss him x a million- we've never been apart that long...ahhh!) But all that being said, I'm SO EXCITED about this- I've always wanted to go and now was a GREAT time for such a fun pick-me-up!

*That it's almost the season for glittery flip flops.

*Daffodils are blooming (not in our yard yet, but in the 'hood!), and my irises that I thought I murdered are back!

*(Soon to be) being published in a fuuuuuun magazine!

*That I have friends share a passion for creating things.

*My husband who is so supportive of my creative endeavors, makes me feel like I can accomplish anything and helps out in any way he can (translation: carrying my scrapbooking things to the car ;)

*Two wet-nosed cuddly doggies that we could give a warm home to where they would get lots of attention

*Being able to pay our mortage & all the other bills. Scott's loss of income has definetely affected our mode of living, but we are making it.

*Sunshiny days that make me feel like even more sunshiny days are ahead.

*Tackling what feels like the un-tackle-able at work on a regular basis.

*Futures, plans, goals, dreams.

*Our future children's names which are soooo already picked out even though we aren't heading down that road quite yet.



*Coffee with vanilla carmel creamer and 2 sweet & lows. Mmmm..

*Grilled steak. ANYTHING on the grill, really. & the smell of the grill.

*All things sweats (ie hoodies and pants) and Scott making me feel beautiful even in the previously-mentioned attire.


*Friends that know everything about me & have laughed with me & cried with me.

*My Dad (good one, Laura). One amazing man. The fact that our relationship has evolved so much since my Mom died. The fact that he owns a business now and that he loves being his own boss, (Even if it stresses me out, LOTS).

*Orange. Earth colors. Very unnatural colors. Colors.

*Extrabuttery toast.

*So much tv that it's sick really. Laura, we will be watching TV in Yellowstone, right?


*Giving people things I make and seeing their reaction.

*Little kid birthday parties & softball practices :)

*Lyrics by Adam Duritz (Counting Crows)

*A well-filled scrapbook.

*Cuddling with Scott even though he says he hates cuddling.

That's a good list for now. Pictures later tonight :)


  1. I wanna know your baby names!!! Are you sharing? I bet they're the best...then again, I am pretty much addicted to naming babies. I guess that's why we'll have more someday-lol. Yellowstone rocks, btw--you'll love it, and that is one scrapbook I would totally love to see! And someday, it would be cool to take a vacay out thisaway! ;) I know that goes for both of us, but before you have those kiddos, it is way easier! Lots of love and hugs!

  2. I like your positive list! I need one of these! :-) I might be doing a Mania at Archivers on the 24th, let me know if you are free and would like to meet up! I might also do the Basic Grey card class that day as well!


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