Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hello, Photoshop.

I am officially hooked on Photoshop. Thanks, Laura, for introducing us and helping me learn...
I had my second engagement shoot in the last 2 weeks today. I have been having SO.MUCH.FUN with all this photography. I was just thinking that I'm so sad that these two sessions are over! I can't wait to do more...

Here are some of the results from today's shoots:

Friday, July 24, 2009

Some changes to the 'ol blog.

It's a little more boring now, but possibly more comment-friendly. You can help me find out if the previous statement is true by trying to leave a comment. I would be down with that. :)

I feel creativity in my veins today, which means a big post very, very soon.

People, get ready.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

More summer happenings :)

Here are some other projects I've worked on/been working on recently!

This is the card I made for our friend, Greg, the birthday boy! :)I think cards are a challenge, so I was pleased when I actually liked the outcome!

Also, we went to a cookout for his birthday and I was supposed to bring pasta salad and I totally forgot it at home. I wanted evidence that I made it so here is another food picture!

I am so excited because I got to take engagement photos for some of our friends, Hakim & Allison- what a photogenic couple! They are going to have their wedding reception at The Beach Waterpark, so we got to do photos on location. :) I hope they are as happy with these pictures as I am! (& I get to do ANOTHER shoot next weekend! Can't wait!)

More soon. :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mid-Summer Catch Up

Here are some things keeping me busy this summer...
1) Making things, per usual :) One reason I love summer is because of wedding/baby shower season! Scott's Mom and I hosted a bridal shower for his cousin. I was responsible for the card box:

And I got to make 1/2 of a scrapbook for the bride (Teresa made the other 1/2). There is something really inspiring to me about a stack of scrapbook pages:

And here are the actual pages (for the pictures of the bridal shower. Her color theme is teal and purple.) My big thing right now is embroidery- I can't get enough. I've been embroidering anything I can get my hands on. :)

Yesterday was my dear friend Val's bridal shower. I got her some gifts off of her registry, but also embroidered a wedding cake and their initials with their wedding date.

2) Trying to TRY to garden. I successfully kept beautiful lillies alive! (ok, so that doesn't take a WHOLE lot of effort). :) I have like 6 tomato plants outside that may or may not make it. We've had a rough time together. :)

I had to post this picture because of Sugar looking through the window. She's so cute and funny :)

3) Losing weight. I'm trying really hard. The most I've tried in a while. I am starting to tell a difference, and that's one of the greatest feelings in the world. Usually I'm against full body shots, but here is one that I don't totally hate. Part II of this should be that I'm also trying to "find my style" again. I used to feel super hip and cute all the time and had an ample wardrobe with plenty of options. Times have changed and I hardly ever feel like I have the style that I used to. But this outfit was an exception to that. I loved it! Also, I made the necklace that I'm wearing. :)

4)LOTS of photography! In the next few weeks I get to take engagement pictures for two sets of cute couples! I'm excited. I'm going to download a free trial of photoshop elements to see how I feel about it. :) I also got to be the photographer at a graduation event we had at work.

*food photographs appear to be my favorite.

We're having a great summer. How about you?