Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Promises, promises.

I had a wonderful scrap session with Laura today! Her work is a-mazing. Unfortunately, I got a little hung up on certain details (which is EXACTLY my personality! :)), and so I didn't get much done at all. I was on a mad quest for red letter stickers, every kind that I have (and every store within a 30 mile radius had) didn't work, but a lot of my time was filled with that little adventure.

I brought my pages home to work on them more, feeling ok about that lack of red stickers. Then I realized, halfway through, of course, that I was out of pop dots. So only half the title is done on my Christmas Surp(rise) page. :) At that point, I felt d.o.n.e. This page is very much NOT finished, but I promised to try to post, so I'm doing it. Hopefully I'll have the finished project completed in the near future, and then I'll post that, too.

The other page is even MORE undone, the picture isn't even adhered to the page at this point. But again, I wanted to show you what I got done...even if that amount is teeny tiny. The fun is in the process!

Thanks Laura, for spending the day with me and being a constant inspiration!

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